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Passing AWG Table from XL Vb to dll

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Passing AWG Table from XL Vb to dll

Postby RussellA » Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:37 pm

ref SetSigGenArbitrary

Hoping someone can help me here ..!
Have the AWG data in XL and can pull it into a 1d Array.
How do you define the function call / pointer "* arbitraryWaveform" to pass the data (waveform table) through the dll ?

Many Thanks,

Re: Passing AWG Table from XL Vb to dll

Postby Chris » Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:35 am

You will need to save the data as a file, then read the file into the buffer...

waveformSize = 0;
printf("Select a waveform file to load: ");
scanf("%s", fileName);
if ((fp = fopen(fileName, "r"))) // read in data - one number per line
while (EOF != fscanf(fp, "%hi", (arbitraryWaveform + waveformSize))&& waveformSize++ < 8192);
printf("File successfully loaded\n");
printf("Invalid filename\n");

The number of lines & values used will vary
i.e. for 4000 series: max 8192 lines, values 0..4095
for 2000 series: max 4094 lines, values 0..255
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