Updating time... fails

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Updating time... fails

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We've just upgraded to Windows XP - however, enviromon doesn't seem to be working.

We can write / erase date etc., without problem, but as soon as it comes to the "Updating time..." the words "Operation failed" gets displayed.

It seems to be connecting OK and could read a convertor map.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

David Apthorpe

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I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. We are aware of the 'Updatnig Time' issue and have resolved it with the new Enviromon software beta release availble here.

Once you have downloaded the software and installed it, go to the installation directory and there should be another directory called logload, open this directory up and then start up the executable 'logload.exe'. You should first disconnect the converters from the logger. The port number that the software uses is com1.

Follow the on screen instructions, this will then write a new binary file to the logger. Once completed you will need to re-program the logger through the configuration.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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