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PicoScope 5203 data real-time acquisition

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PicoScope 5203 data real-time acquisition

Postby 249573317 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:39 pm

I am writing code for picoScope 5203 using PS5000.dll(ps5000sdk_r6_0_11).The problem is that labview can not sample wave form data at 500 MS/s real-time sampling rate after a few time. when the amplitude of data is greater than E-5,
7.600000E-8 -8.896923E-5
7.800000E-8 -9.372509E-5
8.000000E-8 -9.893493E-5
8.200000E-8 -0.000104
8.400000E-8 -0.000110
8.600000E-8 -0.000115
8.800000E-8 -0.000121
9.000000E-8 -0.000128
data accuracy goes down.How to improve the data accuracy.
Experiment data as follows.

Re: PicoScope 5203 data real-time acquisition

Postby Chris » Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:31 pm

Accuracy depends upon the voltage range being used.

The mv level is determined by

(ADC count * range selected ) / 32512

Make sure the range selected in the ps5000SetChannel call is not too high for the voltage level being measured.
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