Generating signals

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Generating signals

Post by Jumbojetjames »

we used PICO-products before - great. now we want to generate two synchronized signal-waves with the following requirements:

->we need to represent 1 µsec-pulses, so its necessary to handle about 5 MHz
->two synchronized curves have to be produced
->we want to store the curves on a PC and "play" one of them if needed
->we want to play scenes of about 10 sec length in a loop
->the output-voltage has to be in a range of about 0...-15 Volt

any idea to realize this (by using PICO-products)

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Re: Generating signals

Post by ziko »


If you wrote your own software this maybe possible you would need to use 2 oscilloscopes, the only two scopes that can fullfill this requirement are the 5000 and the 6000 series, the 6000 series offer a more accurate signal generator, both do up to 20MHz.

The 5000 has up to 8192 samples for the AWG whilst the 6000 has the up to 16384 samples.

The voltage output is ±250 mV to ±2 V with DC offset.

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