ADC20 picohrdl.dll - streamin eat PCU

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ADC20 picohrdl.dll - streamin eat PCU

Post by deguigp » Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:06 am

i have an issue with CPU consumption level using your streaming program provided in the SDK.
I use: ADC20 and Visual Basic (from Visual Studio 20008 .NET) language

it takes 50-60% of the CPU to stream the datas. from your own provided code. (HRDL.VBP)
When i use my code it is the same issue

But when I use PicoLog software (R43) provided, it uses only 2 or 3%

Q1: is it normal?
Q2: is there a better method than streaming to save CPU?
Q3: i tried to use getsinglevalue or get single getvalueasync, or the 2 othen runHRDL methods (block and window) and failed. Typically, it is too long to start or never ready. Maybe my code is not good.
My goal is to capture 1 measure on 2 channels every seconds.

Could you provide me with a samples of code that could fit this need? Thank you.

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Re: ADC20 picohrdl.dll - streamin eat PCU

Post by Chris » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:43 am

By default, the PicoLog application uses RealTimeContinuous mode.

If you set PicoLog to measure in Streaming mode, you will find it also uses a high CPU count, because it polls.

To get a lower CPU usage, you need to use HRDLCollectSingleValueAsync / HRDLGetSingleValueAsync, which are non-blocking calls.

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