usb transfer speed pico 4227

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usb transfer speed pico 4227

Post by pmulroy » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:02 pm


I´m getting a lower data rate than expected in my own code using the GetValues call on a pico 4227.

status = ps4000GetValues(unit.handle, 0, (unsigned long*) &sampleCount, 0, RATIO_MODE_NONE, 0, &overflow);

This call is taking approx 3.8 secs to return 12500000 samples (from both channels so 400 mbits of data). overflow = 0.

I am getting approx 100 mbps on an otherwise quiet PC (USB 2.0 theoretical is up to 480 mbps but you quote in your data sheet a typical rate of 30 MB/s or 240 mbps) I'm trying to increase the sample frequency and this is the main delay for me now.

Any ideas on how I could speed things up? Or could I be setting up something wrong?

My driver version is ps4000.dll v date 21/10/2010. Is this the latest?



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Re: usb transfer speed pico 4227

Post by Chris » Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:01 pm

V1.1.0.78 is the latest ps4000.dll @ 15/03/2011

Using a 4227, I am getting similar transfer rates to those that you're finding.

Making sure (as you have said) that nothing much else is running will help.
Can you try it on a faster PC?

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