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PT104 with uC serial protocol

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PT104 with uC serial protocol

Postby emix10 » Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:54 am

I have to use a PT104 (4 x PT100) with a uC, using the RS232 serial port.
how do you use exactly the protocol of the serial?because the technical manual of PT-104 is not very clear!
set the port COM 2400,8bit,1stop,np......ok! and after?
I have to send a hex character 0x02 to start the conversion.....
but then what do I do to set the channel to read, and gain ,the type of measurement (PT100, PT1000, tension, etc. ....)?
I should read 5 bytes of response,byte 1 (channel & type of misure) bytes 2 to 5 measurements. if I use a PT100 is the
measure in ° C, voltage or ohm?
Possible have an example of communication between uC and a PT104?(The uC is not important..........)
tank you

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