(solved) [Delphi] PS2000 Series Signal Generator

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(solved) [Delphi] PS2000 Series Signal Generator

Post by nuclearping » Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:41 am

Hey there,

sorry for posting here but unfortunately there is no Delphi subforum.

We're using a PS2000 device and want to utilize the built in signal generator to generate hearable frequencies.

It works so far but unfortunately I do not get the same results as from the PicoScope software signal generator.

I declared the ps2000_set_sig_gen_built_in function as follows

Code: Select all

function ps2000_set_sig_gen_built_in
         (handle : smallint;
          offsetVoltage : integer;
          pkToPk : cardinal;
          waveType : smallint;
          startFrequency : double;
          stopFrequency : double;
          increment : double;
          dwellTime : double;
          sweepType : smallint;
          sweeps : cardinal)
          : smallint;
{$IFDEF WIN32} stdcall; external 'ps2000.dll';{$ENDIF}
and call it like this

Code: Select all

ps2000handle := ps2000_open_unit();
r := ps2000_set_sig_gen_built_in(
    0 {No offset},
    1000000 {1V},
    200 {StartFreq}, 
    200 {EndFreq}, 
    0, 0, PS2000_UP, 0 {We want no sweeping});
The return value of ps2000_set_sig_gen_built_in is 1 and I hear sound from the connected headphones. But ... When I set the same values in the PicoScope software sig gen I hear a constant 200Hz sound, as it should be. Also the sound is very loud and powerfull.

Using my test software I hear a little almost silent sweeping sound which vibrates quite fast, allthough start and end frequencies are the same.

Even if I change some values the vibrating sound remains the same. Only when I increase or decrease the voltage the sound volume changes or when I change the start frequency the heard tone changes too. But when I change the end frequency nothing changes.

It is like there is a constant sweeping active allthough it shouldn't be because the parameters shouldn't allow it.

I took a look with a friend today for about a hour and we were unable to figure it out. :/

Anybody an idea how to solve the above problems so the generated tones from my software are equal to the tones coming from the PicoScope software's sig gen?

Thanks alot!
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Re: [Delphi] PS2000 Series Signal Generator

Post by svebert » Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:35 pm

I have also major problems with the api-functions of the generator (but ps4227).
For the built-in waveforms like sine, the generator produces a sine but with a frequency which does not correlate to the value i set for startfrequency=stopfrequency. For every call of the function i get different frequencies, but i am not changing the frequency!! Its really weird.

The arbitrary-waveform generator is also ununderstandable. I can't set the offset voltage and i don't understand the relation between the deltaphase and the actual frequency. Too less information in the manual...

These problems I already stated in another thread in this forum.


Re: [Delphi] PS2000 Series Signal Generator

Post by nuclearping » Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:20 pm

Ok, good to see I'm not alone, although it doesn't help us much. :D

But yes, the programmer's manual is really crappy at some points. :(


Re: (solved) [Delphi] PS2000 Series Signal Generator

Post by nuclearping » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:09 am

Ok, here it was a declaration data type error too.

Code: Select all

function ps2000_set_sig_gen_built_in
         (handle : smallint;
          offsetVoltage : longint;
          pkToPk : longword;
          waveType : integer;
          startFrequency : single;
          stopFrequency : single;
          increment : single;
          dwellTime : single;
          sweepType : integer;
          sweeps : longword)
          : smallint;
{$IFDEF WIN32} stdcall; external 'ps2000.dll';{$ENDIF}
Thats the correct declaration and the signal generator now works as expected.

:D :D :D


Re: (solved) [Delphi] PS2000 Series Signal Generator

Post by svebert » Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:11 am

Very good!
I am using Matlab and did define also singles as you did now.

The offsetVoltage-problem is solved: If you measure the AWG-signal with a different oscilloscope, then you can measure the offset you set.
I measured always with the PS4227 itself and then the offsetvoltage dissapears somehow...
So the Built-in-waveform-Signal-Generator is working fine :-)

But I have still problems with the arbitrary-waveform generator.

Here the manual says i have to define ulongs/ (uint32 for Matlab) for the deltaphase.
I dont understand this deltaphase-stuff...

I understood this:
Every 50ns the generator steps through the waveform buffer. If the startindex si=1 then after 50ns the current index cs=si+deltaphase. Is this right???

If my buffer contains 1000 sample points and delta=1 then the generator should produce a signal with a period of 1000*50ns.
If deltaphase=100 then the period should be 1000*50ns/100 and so on. Is this right?

Obvisously i am wrong because when I set deltaphase=10, i measure a signal with 0,382Hz instead of 10/(1000*50ns)=200kHz.

Also why can i set deltaphase greater than the buffersize? What should this be good for?

Thank you for any advises

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