Power supply PS3204 KIT

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Power supply PS3204 KIT

Post by achim » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:06 am


I have just unboxed my PS3204 USB PC Oscilloscope. Now I wonder why there is a 12V/500mA Power In.

One of the main features I liked about the Picoscope is the possibility to messure without an external power supply.
I already tested to supply the PICOscope via USB only and it works.

So here is my question: Will my PS3204 allways work with power over USB or is there a possibility, that no messurements can be done?

Please excuse my english, I am no native speaker.

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Re: Power supply PS3204 KIT

Post by gruntman » Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:45 pm


The PicoScope 3204, 3205 and 3206 PC Oscilloscopes are normally powered from the USB port of the computer. If the computer and the equipment under test are both referenced to the same ground, a "ground loop" may be created. This may degrade the DC accuracy and noise performance when measuring small signals.

The majority of laptop power supplies (chargers) are floating and have no ground reference. If, however, connecting your grounded laptop power supply causes noise/offset problems, you can either use the oscilloscope with the laptop running on its batteries or power the oscilloscope using the supplied mains adapter.


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