Add THD+N vs Power watts for test poweramp

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Add THD+N vs Power watts for test poweramp

Post by Virat » Sun Dec 01, 2002 4:25 am

:lol:Can you add programe for test poweramp?

1. THD+N vs Power watts
2. Power watts vs Frequency

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Specific Applications

Post by matthew » Wed Dec 04, 2002 2:05 pm

Hi Virat,

1. What you are proposing here is a highly specific application for profiling the characteristics of a system with a Spectrum / FFT measurement ... because PicoScope is designed as an oscillocope (not a logger), the application you suggest isn't possible to create.

2. Because you are not using a Spectrum / FFT measurement here, profiling is easily performed with PicoLog.
  • Measure power by measuring the voltage across a known resistance then use the Settings | Calculated parameters to perform the following equation.

    Power = (Voltage x Voltage) / Resistance
  • Then setup a second channel to measure the frequency
  • You can export the spreadsheet data into Excel for a scatter graph to represent the Power / Frequency profile.
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Matt Everett

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