picolog 5.21.5 locksup after running for a while

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picolog 5.21.5 locksup after running for a while

Post by u990061 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:31 pm

I sent an email to : Friday, February 11th to support@picotech.com. I have not heard anything back so I am posting this. Subject: RE: PicoLog file : INC000000112458

I am assisting on a computer issue and will need some assistance. History Picolog is used and a few months ago they started having trouble. The USB Pico logger was replaced thinking it was bad, but they found they still have issues. Today I removed all Pico software from the computer and re-installed PicoLog R5.21.5. The program ran successfully for approx. 45 minutes and then had issues, while this appears to be an improvement it is still a problem. Several of us have looked on your support forum and can not find any thing else to try. Could you please assist? Please reply-all when you reply to this message. If you need any additional information please let us know.

1)What device are you using? : Picolog 1216 & TC-08.

2) How many channels? We are currently using 5 channels on the Picolog 1216 and 3 on the TC-08, but hoping to use more in the future

3) How quick are you sampling? We were sampling every second

4) How long you sample for and when does it crash? Usually we sample over a couple of hours (depending on the job), but the software mostly hung right after starting it or setting the parameters, or just after starting a new run, it never ran more than about 10 minutes until today when it ran for approx 45/

5) Do you have any other applications running in the background that could cause a conflict? We usually have an excel sheet open at the same time, but also tried running the software without having anything else running. (in the past it did not hang even when the excel sheet was open)
6)Are you using a laptop or PC ? The ATT-PD-0001 is a PC. The user running the picolog software is not a local admin and is just a “user” on the local PC.

7. When using a different computer a notebook, everything appears to function normally. On this laptop the user is a admin on the local PC.

8. Shorty after they started recording I see this error in the in the system log. But the application did not hang until approx 45 minutes later, Not sure if this is related on not.
The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID
to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

9. When it stopped after 45 minutes today it was reporting "over voltage" on some of the channels (and we measured that its not) and the other channels hung up. I have attached a copy of the screen shot.

10. I have attached copy of the PLW file

11. The pico pl1000.dll file is version

12. We had previously been told to delete all copies of this file from the PC 42f31349-afb8-471d-8a4d4fb7672be39b . I believe this was done and did not make any difference.
copy of the plw file
(23.95 KiB) Downloaded 508 times
Screen Shot.doc
Screen shot after lockup occured see item #9
(48 KiB) Downloaded 470 times

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Re: picolog 5.21.5 locksup after running for a while

Post by Pico Stuart » Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:06 am

Dear Sir,

Thankyou for your inquiry with regard to your PIcoLg issues. Sorry you have encountered some difficulties.

We are currently investigating this issue and will respond in due course via support@picotech.com

There are several factors that could be affecting operation of Picolog on the specific machine.

We will find a solution to this issue.

Kindest regards, :idea:

Technical Specialist :idea:

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