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ADC=100 Hardware not working

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ADC=100 Hardware not working

Postby BrianDSmith » Fri Nov 29, 2002 8:11 pm

Software installs ok. Help->About shows 60k samples/sec maximum.

Meter will not display 1.5 volt battery connected to Input A. Scope display clips inputs, sine, square and triange show up as square wave. Deflection shows only 1/2 division deflection.

Frequency of display is ok, but all inputs are clipped to a square.

Is there a self-diagnostic proceedure?


Postby mark » Mon Dec 02, 2002 9:20 am


Unfortunatley, there are no self diagnostic functions within the ADC100. However, your problem does sound like the ADC100 needs an adapter.

For more information, check out


ADC-100 problem

Postby BrianDSmith » Mon Dec 02, 2002 4:22 pm


The adapter fixes the problem. Thanks.

I still cannot get the voltmeter to diplay any DC volts. The scope display shows a proper DC voltage is present. The AC voltmeter has the same problem. The scope display shows an AC voltage but the voltmeter display show zero volts.

Any help is appreciated.


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