ADC 212 times and values

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ADC 212 times and values

Post by JonathanHolmlund » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:55 pm

Hi, after upgrading to XP I have had to use the ADC 212 instead

The current Delphi software records 60000 samples over 2 minutes.

In the ADC 100 I used:

actual_time := adc100_set_interval(120000000, 60000, 0) ;
ok := adc100_get_times_and_values(times, data, data2, no_of_samples)>0 ;

I am wanting this but on the ADC 212 but i can not fathom:
ok := adc200_set_timebase(ns,is_slow,1);
I cant seem to see how or if i can change the NS value to give me the correct time between values i want? or am i going about this the wrong way?

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Re: ADC 212 times and values

Post by Chris » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:11 pm

The timebase is set in the timebase parameter.

The *ns parameter is used as a place holder to pass back the actual sample interval that was set.

You might find it useful to take a look at the a200con.c file to see how this function is used.


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