Converter does not restart after reading

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Converter does not restart after reading

Post by Jaap »

I have just installed a EL 005 datalogger with 4 EL001 triple temperature loggers connected to it. I am able to program the device numbers to the loggers. When I try to read the converter number I finds the converter, displays the correct number. Then I click OK. When the logger wants to restart I get the following error:

"Restarting the logger Operation Failed".

I am getting this error on every converter. I have tried the newest software. A hard reset of the logger and also removed the battery. Nothing helps. What can I do??

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Re: Converter does not restart after reading

Post by ziko »

Hi yes you need to upgrade the firmware of the logger, if you go to Utilities and then choose Logload then follow the instructions, disconnect all converters, you will need a paper clip. For more help follow this link below, it has the steps that you will see on the latest software but before it was made as a GUI

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