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Gooodbye to the TH-03 and ADC-16

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Gooodbye to the TH-03 and ADC-16

Postby Pico Stuart » Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:56 am

It's time to say goodbye to the TH-03 and ADC-16 - For existing users we are still here and ready to help.

The TH-03 three channel temperature data logger will be sold out in March 2011 with no plans to replace the product. Customers may want to consider using the new USB DrDAQ with 3 x DD100 temperature sensors as a replacement.


The ADC-16 high resolution data logger is also end of line, stock is expected to last until May or June 2011. There are currently no plans to replace this product, however the PicoLog 1216 12-bit data logger and the ADC-20 20-bit data logger - should more than suit your requirements.



Please do not hesitate to contact support@picotech.com if you require any additional information.

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