Digital Output PL1000 series

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Digital Output PL1000 series

Post by nickwheeler » Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:14 pm

Hello, I'm an absolute beginning who just bought a Picolog1012 and I'm intending to teach myself to program it for some hardware testing. I am confused by the voltage I see on the Digital Outputs D0 and D1 - when the device is first connected I see near zero volts DC but after a UnitOpen command with returned status = "0" I see -1.457VDC I set both D0 and D1 to zero but this -1.457VDC remains next I set both to 1 and I see +1.829VDC then I set both D0 and D1 to 0 and I again see -1.457VDC next I CloseUnit and I see -0.818VDC . All measurements made with a good working FLUKE 179 and all against each of all the GND terminals on the small terminal board in turn. The 2.5V output reads correctly and perhaps 'strangely' D0 and D1 both read 0 and 3.3VDC when measured against PWM.
I tried a double A cell on C1 and it read 1.5VDC against GND.
Can anyone help me to understand and is my Picolog 1012 functioning correctly?

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Re: Digital Output PL1000 series

Post by Chris » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:34 pm

Sounds like you have a faulty unit.

Please email to arrange getting it sent back for repair.

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