Capturing lots of short bursts of samples

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Capturing lots of short bursts of samples

Post by espian » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:04 pm

Hello, all!

I have an application where I need to capture a series (around 1,000) very short bursts of samples(around 3 microseconds in length after a 6 microsecond post-trigger delay). These 1,000 samples happen over a window of about 200 mS.

I also require that these samples be aligned end-to-end at the conclusion of macro sample window.

Reading through the PICO 6 Users Manual, I see reference to the Buffer Navigator, so it would appear that capturing multiple samples would not be an issue. However, after looking through the 5000 series manual and programmers guide, I am still a little unclear as to: 1) can the Pico 6 software do everything that I require out of the box and 2) how would one go about this programatically, if it everything could not be done with the Pico 6 software.

I have not yet purchased your product (because of wanting to make sure it can do what I need). So, I am stuck trying to glean the information out of the manuals without the benefit of being able to experiment with hardware/setups.

Any clarification that you could provide would be most helpful.

Thank you,


Pico Stuart
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Re: Capturing lots of short bursts of samples

Post by Pico Stuart » Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:34 am

Dear Espian

Thankyou for your inquiry with regard to your 5000 series application. Sorry for the delay in response in this matter.
Due to the Christmas vacation we are slightly behind but rest assured we will ensure you obation all the information you need to make your conculsions.

In addition to this please proceed to the following link and download the latest version of PicoScope 6 software which will run in demo mode.

I have carried out some tests and can confirm you will be able to aquire 1000 bursts 3 micro senonds in length in a window of 200 milli seconds using PicoScope 6.

The 5000 has a real time sample rate of 1 GS/s. Sampling rate is one of the headline specifications of any digital oscilloscope. The PicoScope 5000 series scopes can sample at 1 gigasample (a thousand million samples) per second, making them the fastest USB PC Oscilloscopes available at the time of writing. With some scopes, high speed comes at a price. When you set them up to capture a large number of samples, the PC has to process a large amount of data to make it fit the scope display. This slows down the refresh rate of the display so that you see a delayed, slow-moving picture of the incoming signal, making troubleshooting more difficult. Also, while the scope is processing data, there is a long ‘dead time’ during which it stops sampling the signal and can miss the event you are looking for.
The PicoScope 5000 series scopes overcome this problem by ‘downsampling’ the data using special hardware inside the scope, reducing the amount of work the PC has to do. The scope still collects and stores the requested number of samples, but intelligently time-compresses the data before sending it to the PC so that you see the right level of detail for the size of the display. Any time you want to see more detail, you can zoom into the contents of the buffer and the PC will request a new view of the same data from the scope, all without slowing down the display.

If you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me if you require if you require further assistance

Kindest regards,

Technical Specialist

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