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Idiots guide needed :-)

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Idiots guide needed :-)

Postby Laro88 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:26 pm

I bought a 4224 to do some quick and dirty measurements ( need to check the phases of some DC Brushless Servos ) - and expected the api to be a bit easier to work with.

Is there a simplified "idiots guide" - to get some simple streaming up and running? Basically I have spend a whole day doing .NET interop and looking in the ps4000pg.en.pdf and the single .NET sample that accompanies it.

I basically need some quick diagram that tells me the minimum requirements of steaming two channels to my .NET code.

Here are some of my troubles / questions
1. For example - is "ps4000GetTimebase" needed - if not then why is it there? If it is needed then when?
2. Why is "ps4000SetDataBuffer" not mapped?
3. In the pg section page 15, streaming seems to force the use of aggregation, - but how do I control it?
4. The callback is badly documented to say the least.
5. ps4000GetValuesAsync is associated with the streaming, however it is not mentioned in the

A proper .NET api would be nice - and it should only include scope IO stuff - inho. getTimeBase has nothing to do with the sampling technology, rather it is in visualization / interpretation - but there might be some reason anyway :-)

I might have missed something entirely simple - but having expected a lean & clean api, this api feels a bit unmaintained.

I was excited when I ordered it, hoping it would be an easy programming task, but it has turned out to be quite annoying to get to work.

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Re: Idiots guide needed :-)

Postby Chris » Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:50 pm

The .NET example provides block mode and streaming mode examples, which users can use as a basis for their own code.

ps4000GetTimebase is used in the block mode section. The sample interval in streaming mode is set as part of the ps4000RunStreaming (RunStreaming) call.

ps4000SetDataBuffer is used in the streaming examples.

Set the downSampleRatio to 1 if aggregation is not required.

If you have a specific question about the callback function, please ask.

Use ps4000GetStreamingLatestValues, called as GetStreamingLatestValues to collect data while streaming.
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