voltage limit for 2203

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voltage limit for 2203

Post by astuntas » Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:08 am

I have an oscilloscope picotech 2203 with the maximum input voltage of 20V. In your website it is mentioned, that overload protection is activated after reaching 100V. What happens in the range of 20-100V? Is there any chance to destroy the scope if I accidentally jump into signal of 70V with a probe 1:1 (lets say vehicle injector signal) ?
And, also, what happens if i jump into signal higher than 100V (i believe ignition coils have a few hundred volts of input voltage) ?

I of course must use the appropriate attenuator for measuring signals like this, but in case i mix the wires, is there any chance to destroy the scope this way, or does the overload protection fully takes care of situations like this ?

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Re: voltage limit for 2203

Post by Jeff » Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:46 am

In the range 20-100V, the PicoScope 2203 will produce incorrect readings but will not be damaged. Above 100V you may damage the scope.

When we quote an overload protection voltage, this is the MAXIMUM voltage that the protection circuitry can handle. As you say, you must always use an attenuator when testing ignition coils if your scope only has a protection limit of 100V. That is why we sell automotive scopes with 200V input protection.

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