full cpu utilization

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full cpu utilization

Post by johnm1019 » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:48 am

Hello, I have an application that uses c++ to interface with the picoscope API. I find that whenever in fast_streaming mode (running a 2203, latest drivers and headers from the SDK) one CPU core is always pegged at 100% (i have a dual core).

My code calls
ps2000_get_streaming_last_values(m_handle, ps2000FastStreamingReady)
processes events if there are any, and otherwise puts my calling thread to sleep for 20ms.

I don't understand why the picoscope driver thread is always at 100% utilization when I am only asking for events every 20ms.

If I delay for a long time inbetween asking for events (say 1 second) there is no change in cpu usage.

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