ADC-11/10 chanell 7-9 error. Need help!

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Vasilly P

ADC-11/10 chanell 7-9 error. Need help!

Post by Vasilly P » Thu Jan 29, 2004 10:36 am

When in my own c-program (under DOS) I used function get_combinet_values, i saw next:

when connect to pin 2-8(chanell 7) dc battery for test -- see this signal on chanell 9.
when connect to pin 2-10(chanell 9) dc battery for test --not see any signal!
all other chanells are right.

i use adc11drv.obj size 4996 date 22.01.01 time15.44.
when i run picolog prg -- all chanell are right.

i think that this is error in .obj.

See this error anybody? What can i do with this?
I need all chanells to collect all needed data...
Help me with this error...

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Post by markspencer » Fri Jan 30, 2004 9:04 am


Unfortunately, we no longer support DOS, and would advise that you use the ADC-1132.dll functions available for windows 95 upwards and NT upwards. The .dll can be used with different enviroments such as Borland C++ and MSVC++.

Assuming that Picolog is 'Picolog for windows' this is the driver used by it.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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