I need help with a 4 sensor projet

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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I need help with a 4 sensor projet

Post by xprogram » Thu Jan 22, 2004 4:37 pm

I am a student at the University of Texas at Arlington. We are doing an experiment that involves a temperature sensor, ph sensor, co2 sensor, and water level sensor. We need to recieve the data into a program we write and we can not use a full PC but rather a mini computer or board computer. We can run windows CE on the current mini computer but it only has 2 serial ports and a 10baseT(ethernet) connections. There is no expantion on the computer because it is a single board computer. Is there a better single board computer to use with your products? Also, do you have any advice on how to intergrate your product with sofware we write under any platform? Lastly, which products do you recomend for our problem.
John Capell

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Post by markspencer » Fri Jan 23, 2004 8:48 am


Thank you for the information that you have provide with regards to your project. I can see one possible solution. That is to use the ADC-16 and write your own communication protocol. All the details for communicating with the ADC-16 is provided in the help manual.

To measure your temperature I would recommend that you use a linear thermister or alternatively a temperature converter that can have an equation applied to the transforamtion from voltage to temperature. One such Thermister is the LM35 IC.

You should be able to source PH sensors, CO2 and water level sensors, unfortunately, I am unable to advise on these.

The ADC-16 is usually powered by the PC/Laptop it is connected to, I do not know if the mini computer that you will be using will be able to provide the voltage/power level required, for this reason I would advise that you would power it externally, from the mini computer. Also you may need to power some of your sensors. Therefore a power pasck may be required.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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