PicoScopy 4227 (I'm a newby)

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PicoScopy 4227 (I'm a newby)

Post by bobkapherr » Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:51 pm

Hi folks:
Purchased this 4227 on line, I'm excited, have been through the help section, etc, etc. My intentions are to use this device with my laptop when I'm out in the field (I travel). I repair kind of exotic sound systems, and I find it fustrating when I cannot see the signal from source to end (amplifier output), unit by unit. Seeing the wave shape could be really nice, and since I have to travel with laptop, well!!!!
My 4227 with a and b inputs are great. What is the EXT and
AWG BNC connectors used for? I'm wondering also how to funnel the equipped signal generator into the system under test? HELP!
Thanking you all in advance

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Re: PicoScopy 4227 (I'm a newby)

Post by ziko » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:35 pm

Hi Bob,

I am glad you are happy with your unit. The EXT acts as an external trigger so in the software instead of triggering from channel A or B you can trigger from a separate source. Whilst the AWG output can give you an output of up to 100kHz and you can create your own waveform of up to 8192 points. The AWG is enabled via the software. You can use a BNC to BNC cable, or I suppose you can use an oscilloscope probe under x1 settings.

Hope this helps.

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