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Pico 1216 with 5000kg load cell in compression

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Pico 1216 with 5000kg load cell in compression

Postby trendmarine » Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:48 pm

We're trying to use a Pico 1216 to record the compressive loads on a LCM STA-4 5000kg load cell.

We are exciting the load cell with a stable dedicated 10V supply, and normally the output voltage is reasonably linear, and yields the following (according to its calibration certificate):
0V = 0kg
-1.99mV = 500kg
-9.95mV = 2500kg
-19.91mV = 5000kg

But we get a lot of noise on the zero reading, and no matter how much load we place on the cell, we cannot get a reading to register.
We cannot find a setting to configure the Pico 1216 to accept or record negative voltage. Is it capable of this, or is there another trick we can use to spoof it?
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Re: Pico 1216 with 5000kg load cell in compression

Postby ziko » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:55 am

Hi the Picolog 1216 measures only 0 to 2.5V you have two options really:

1) You create a circuit that makes it positive and amplifies the signal
2) You use the ADC20 which would work directly.


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