TC-08 (USB) maximum T reading

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TC-08 (USB) maximum T reading

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Few days ago we bought two TC-08 USB units. We use them to measure inside furnace chamber temperature. The furnace is working at 750 C, but the unit radings do not go over 520-540 C and most of the time are in the 450-480 C range. We tried K type as well as N type thermocouple. We tried different chanels also. This is happening in both devices. The units are connected to a laptop with WIN XP SP2.
The setup that we use is:
- real time continuous recording
- sampling interval 1 sec and as many as possible readings
- then chanel is selested (also tried 50Hz and 60Hz option) and edited by selecting either K or N type
Also the accuracy is suspicious.

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Re: TC-08 (USB) maximum T reading

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Hi this may depend on a number of factors:

1) The thermocouple is rated to measure those temperatures.
2) How you are connecting the sensor (any voltage injected into the thermocouple may cause the device to give erroneous readings)
3) There is some grounding issue.

I would need to know exactly how you are placing the thermocouples. Also how many channels are you using

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