ADC11_get_unit_info in LabView

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ADC11_get_unit_info in LabView

Post by » Wed Nov 27, 2002 12:35 pm

I've been using ADC11 with LabView for couple of years now and want to finalize the VI's wich can be used with the adc1132.dll.
(Running both Win98 and Win 2000 on LabView 5.01)

I am running into some trouble calling the .dll with adc11_get_unit_info.

I don't get the four lines as I am supposed to get:

ADC11/22 driver V2.1
PICO.386 V1.2
ADC11 on LPT2
15693 samples per second

Following is the text from the HELP.

PREF1 short PREF2 adc11_get_unit_info (char * str, short str_lth, short line, short port);

My understanding of the passing arguments are following:
char*str: pass empty string as a pointer
str_lth: length of string as a number
line: number of the line wich is asked for (one of the four)
port: on wich port the ADC11 is connected
returned argument: as string

I get line 3 in line 1, line 2 in line 2.
With an old .dll I got the sampling frequency to display in line 3 on the Win98 but not on the Win2000.
When downloaded newest version of the .dll, the frequency don't show up.

Am I not understanding the passing arguments correctly?

ADC11/22 driver v. 2.8 vs. 2.5

Post by » Thu Dec 05, 2002 3:10 pm

It looks like the ADC11/22 driver v. 2.8 does not return the sampling rate as version 2.5 does when calling adc11_get_unit_info to adc1132.dll.

Can someone from Picotech comfirm this.

Björgvin Benediktsson

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Post by matthew » Tue Dec 10, 2002 5:54 pm


I'll have a look into this. I've not used the driver yet myself, so it may take some time to modify a program to do the testing. I will post something here when I get some results.

Kind Regards,
Matt Everett

Pico Software Engineer

Post by » Wed Dec 11, 2002 3:05 pm

Thanks for you attention Matt,

If it helps you any way, then it seemed to me that the same happens in Picoscope.

If - Help - About is opened it should show sampling freq.
It does with v. 2.5 but not v. 2.8

Björgvin Benediktsson

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