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Setting up meters

Postby KarenSwan » Fri Jan 09, 2004 4:06 pm

We're trying to set up meters in PicoScope for all our different traces from our ADC-11. We can see all of the readings in PicoLog but can't identify any of them in PicoScope (windspeed, temperature, voltage, current etc) and the only units that seem to be available are volts. Please can you suggest where to start?

Postby markspencer » Mon Jan 12, 2004 8:44 am


Thank you for your post. The software Picolog and Picoscope are different applications and what you have entered into Picolog is not available in Picoscope. To do what you have suggested you will need to select the channel that you wish to display. The default unit is voltage, to change this to another unit you will have to add a custom range. details on this can be found in the help manual.

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