10x probe in picoscope6 vs labview program

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10x probe in picoscope6 vs labview program

Post by kanth_tvs » Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:18 pm

I am using a Pico4424 scope. And using ps4000.dll, I have created a LabVIEW program to acquire data.

In the LabVIEW program, I have created probe settings for 1x and 10x, which will allow me to tell the program in which mode the probe is being used.

If I have a 1x probe,the LabVIEW program will present the acquired data without any modifications.

Now, If I have a 10x probe, upon acquiring the data from the picoscope, I am asking the program to multiply the data with a factor of 10. This helps to bring the signal levels in the processed data, to the correct level.

When I compare the processed signals from 1x and 10x probes, I see that 10x probe processed data has more noise level, approx. 10 times.

Looking at the Picoscope6 software, when I set the probe in 10x mode and inform the software about it, and capture data, I don't see any increased noise levels in the data compared to a 1x probe.

So, I am inferring that in the LabVIEW program, I shouldn't be applying a factor of 10 multiplication.

Is there any other filtering operation that needs to be performed in 10x mode, to match the performance from a Picoscope6 software

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Re: 10x probe in picoscope6 vs labview program

Post by ziko » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:14 am

Hi I think this post has been answered by email, however just in case this is from someone else. It could be that when you are using PicoScope you are also changing the voltage range, however when you are using Labview you just change the gain and not the voltage range as well.

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