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GSM Phone Option

GSM Phone Option

Postby dspenca » Wed Nov 27, 2002 10:02 am

What functionality does a GSM phone attached to a logger give. This presumably replaces the Haynes modem. Will it still allow downloads to a remote PC? How do you connect it to the Logger (two serial female connectors)? How do you set up the SMS messaging, can you write your own messages? Ive had a read through the Docs but can't find these answers.

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Postby mark » Fri Nov 29, 2002 3:32 pm

The GSM modem does everything that the standard haynes modem can do. You will still be able to connect to the logger as if it were connected through a telephone wire.

In order to take advantage of the SMS messaging that the GSM modem can offer, choose the Telphone option from the Equipment Dialogue. In this dialogue, set the Connection Type (on Alarm) to GSM SMS message. Type in the telephone number that the message is to be sent to and the time to wait between resending messages.

You cannot write your own message but you can write a unit identifier which will enable you to distiguish between EnviroMon systes if you have more than one.

GSM COnnections

Postby dspenca » Mon Dec 02, 2002 9:58 am

Sounds Good, What about the Hardware connection. Standard Phone serial leads terminate witha female DB9 connector, the same as the logger. Do I need to create an adapter.. Is there a reason why the loggers DB9 is not male? :?

Postby mark » Fri Dec 06, 2002 3:23 pm

The EL005 takes a standard RS232 cable, not a null modem cable, and so it has a female connector.

In order to use a modem, you will need to use the modem adapter, EL033.

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