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TC08 Monitoring Heatup Profiles using Excel

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TC08 Monitoring Heatup Profiles using Excel

Postby Michael Hayes » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:44 am

I originally posted this about 5 or 6 years ago but noticed that the old posts seem to have been purged. As I still use this and find it very useful I decided to post again.
This concerns using a TC-08 USB to monitor a bunch of thermocouples and the logging of the data into an excel spreadsheet. The TC08 simply needs to be running and excel uses a DDE transfer to get the data. The logging period is selectable in excel as is a composite chanel made up of a weighted average of the 8 real inputs.
The computer can be used while the logging is occuring but would not be recomended. You can also specify a save frequency. If the power goes down, simply set up again and resume logging and you will get a gap in the data during the off period.
I use it to monitor furnace heatups and have also built in 3 configurable heatup profiles. You also set the deviation from these profiles which cause the logged values to change colour to red or blue depending on whether the temperature is above or below the profile.
Heatup V1.1.xls
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