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Problems Trigger PS4424 From Channel C

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Problems Trigger PS4424 From Channel C

Postby jim@jmxservices.com » Sun May 16, 2010 9:42 pm

I am having problems with one application setting the correct trigger conditions. I can arm and trigger the scopes from Channel A with no problems. However, if I try to setup the structure to trigger from Channel C. It always give me the Error Code 22 - PICO_CONDITIONS - One or more of the conditions are incorrect. I do not see a problem with the condition. I think it is entered exactly as I entered it in a correctly working application. I have interfaced many(20) different oscilloscopes over my years of work experience. This trigger conditions and properties structure system has by far been the most difficult to work with. We need to have several examples that show the proper way to load the trigger conditions and properties structures. The trigger system seems the have a hugh amount of flexibility. This is great, but I just want the make the scope trigger on Channel C and capture all the other channels. It is really a simple operation, but it is giving me considerable difficulty. I have attached my code. Can you post structure examples of some more complex trigger scenarios? i.e. Channel C window triggered. I do not need full code, just the layout of the structures. Please give us several examples.
Scope Interface Items from Main Program Code.cpp
Calls from Main Unit
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Unit responsible for scope interface.
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