Advanced Triggering on signal to 0V amplitude

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Advanced Triggering on signal to 0V amplitude

Post by tonigau » Thu May 13, 2010 2:43 am

Scope = 3224
SW =
Ch1 Volts, Ch2 Amps(across 1R)

We have a 110V AC 50hz signal that is giving us an issue on turn-off occasionally (during peak current)
I am capturing turn-off waveform events successfully but can only do it in Single trigger mode, so have to set trigger active (go), turn-off the 110V output port, save the file, then do this over again for as many as 10 to 50 times (takes quite a while).
I am using Level dropout trigger.
IF I set trigger to be repeat then I get multiple triggers untill the 110V signal comes back on & a buffer full of unwanted waveforms.
It would be a nice feature of Advanced triggering if there was an option of "event" applied to the level dropout, this way I could set trigger to repeat, capture turn-off events only & have a buffer full of wave captures to "save all waveforms as"

Recently I had the pleasure to use a little Hioki 8870 as I needed probe isolation, it had just this type of event trigger & it was very useful.

Toni G

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