General purpose data logging

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General purpose data logging

Post by johnb2 » Wed Nov 19, 2003 5:54 am


I am looking for 3 data loggers with 3 or more analogue and digital inputs, that will accept a variety of sensor inputs. This is for a first year physics lab. I also need compatible sensors. I need the flexibilty to set up a number of experiments using various combinations of sensors eg. pressure, temperature, light, motion, force ect.
Could you recommend a board and suitable sensors? We have Pasco sensors, but they require power from the interface.


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Post by markspencer » Wed Nov 19, 2003 8:54 am


There are a couple of units that may be of interest to you these are the ADC-11 and the ADC-16.

The ADC-11 comes in two resoltutions 10 bit and 12 bit, with 11 channels and a maximum sampling rate of 10000 samples per second, this is divisible between the number of active channels. Its voltage range is 0-2.5 volts and connects to the Parallel port of a PC.

Full Specs:

The ADC-16 is a high resolution unit with 16 bits plus sign. It has 8 channels and measures voltage range of ±2.5 volts. This unit connects to the serial port of a PC and samples at 1.5 Hz.

Full Specs:

Both these units can measure single ended voltage in the range that is specified. It is also possible to measure higher voltage by incorporating potential dividers. 4 - 20 mA's can be measured by using a shunt resistor across the channel and ground. A terminal board can be purchased for both these units which will make signal conditioning easier.

Unfortunately, we do not sell the sensors that you want, these would have to be sourced by yourself, but most could probalbly be obtained form here:

Best regards

Mark Spencer

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