ADC-20 WinXp Driver Problem

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Christian Schwarz

ADC-20 WinXp Driver Problem

Post by Christian Schwarz » Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:16 pm

What i did:

# Installed fresh Computer with Winxp and any updates
# Installed enviromon
# plugged the ADC-20 into free usb port

After searching for driver windows didn't found any.

What i tried:

# After looking in the enviromon software i found a setting about COM Ports. So i search the CD and found /Pico/software/USBtoSerialConverter/ Installed it without problems, but ADC-20 is still not found.
# As under suggested i downloaded the software USBDeview and uninstalled any usb driver (there where way to many) after restart where only 3 left. after plugging in the ADC-20 its still the same problem.

Is there a download for the usb drivers only?
Maybe enviromon is the wrong software?
Any other suggestions?

Chrisitan Schwarz

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Re: ADC-20 WinXp Driver Problem

Post by PeterF » Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:02 am

Enviromon is the wrong software for the ADC-20. You need to use "PicoLog". The Enviromon system is completely different. You can find PicoLog on your supplied CD or from:-

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