data recording (Streaming)

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data recording (Streaming)

Post by srazavi » Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:03 pm

Hi all.

We have a PicoScope 4424. I have found in the symbol list and menu, unfortunately, no streaming icon.
Can i generally do streaming with 4424?
If yes, how?

Is that necessary to write a program or it works with PicoScope6?
I also want to know many sampling can PicoScope device store with the highest speed (sampling rate)?

Thank you

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Re: data recording (Streaming)

Post by PeterF » Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:52 am

The 4424, like our other scopes, switches automatically between block mode and streaming at about 100mS/div time settings. The exact point of switching can be forced up or down in Tools/Preferences.

The sample rate and number of samples per channel is very dependant on the actual settings requested.
Figures below are for a request for maximum number of samples on a 4224 (using one channel) and using auto trigger. In this case half the buffer is used to display the last capture and half is used to buffer the new.
0.05 second screen time-80MS/sec-4.0MSamples
0.1 second screen time-80MS/sec-8.0MSamples
0.2 second screen time-80MS/sec-16.0MSamples
0.5 second screen time-20MS/sec-10MSamples
1 second screen time-10MS/sec-10MSamples
2 second screen time-6.67MS/sec-13.33MSamples
5 second screen time-3.33MS/sec-16.7MSamples
10 second screen time-1.67MS/sec-16.7MSamples

With 2 channels used, you can capture:-
0.1 second screen time-80MS/sec-8.0MSamples each channel
0.2 second screen time-40MS/sec-8.0MSamples each channel

In single shot mode, more of the buffer is available for a single channel:-
0.5 second screen time-40MS/sec-20MSamples

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