Sampling rate inaccuracy PicoLog 1012

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Sampling rate inaccuracy PicoLog 1012

Post by tiavs » Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:30 pm

Hi there, hope you can help please.

I am using a PicoLog 1012 USB device into a desktop PC running Windows XP. I am feeding in a DC voltage which oscillates, so i need to run at a fast sampling rate, 5ms.
At this speed in single streaming mode the data looks good with nice resolution, but i have worked out that the time recorded in milliseconds is not quite correct. If it is set for 1000 samples at 5ms sampling rate then it should run for 5 seconds, which it shows on the x-y chart. Unfortunately it is losing time, and has actually ran for a little over 5 seconds. Is there a fix for this, or do i have to introduce a correction factor afterwards ? To ensure it was not the PC at fault, i have re-installed the software on my laptop today and it does exactly the same thing. Many thanks - dave

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Re: Sampling rate inaccuracy PicoLog 1012

Post by PeterF » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:13 am

I am afraid that the PicoLog program is running close to it's maximum speed in "Real Time Continuous" mode at 5mS. A faster PC helps but you are always likely to be sampling slower than requested at high sample rates. Can you not use the PicoScope6 program which can sample faster?

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