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PicoLog Graph and Spreadsheet issue.

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PicoLog Graph and Spreadsheet issue.

Postby olepagh » Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:35 am

Logging are made over a relativly long time period with e.g. 12 sec. log interval.
The graph are set to Scroll mode and everything works fine.

BUT after ending the loggings and if I start a new logging or just Re-record, the graph does not return to "present time", and I have to manually scroll it back to start time an then again activate Scroll mode.

Almost the same is happening with the Spreadsheet table. Here I have to manually scroll up to "origin" with the vertical scroll bar to see the new loggings.

This "bug" have existed even since the earliest PicoLog release for Windows.
It is independent of what converter is used and other settings.

It is not a big issue for me as an experienced PicoLog user, but it confuses my less experienced colleagues that have to use the system 'on-site'.

Could you please pass this issue on to your SW development department to be put on the (probably already long) "to-do" list.

Thank you in advance.
/ Best regards
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Re: PicoLog Graph and Spreadsheet issue.

Postby PeterF » Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:54 am

OK, I will pass it on!
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