ADC-11 terminal board

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ADC-11 terminal board

Post by SG » Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:18 am

hello to everyone who can solve my issue. Currently I'm using a data logger 1012 to connect a ADC-11 terminal board to get my reading for my voltage and current. As far as I know to find the voltage I can use any channel from C1 to C16 to get my voltage reading, but for my current I'm confuse with the menu given to me why must I use channel 5-8 to to create a shunt resistor from R8-R11 in order to get the current reading. So I hope that any of the professional out there can answer my enquires. Thank you.

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Re: ADC-11 terminal board

Post by PeterF » Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:27 pm

If you use the ADC-11 terminal board on the 1012 you are limited to the same number of channels as the ADC-11. The old terminal board also has various channels allocated to different types of input, channels 1-4 are 0 to +2.5volts, 5-8 are 4-20mA current, or voltages higher than +2.5 with an attenuator.
Here is a link to the ADC-11 terminal board manual:- ... ons-en.pdf
You might be better with the correct PicoLog 1012 terminal board.

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