ADC-212 - data resolution

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Pedro Bertoleti

ADC-212 - data resolution

Post by Pedro Bertoleti » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:10 pm

Hi there.
My name is Pedro Bertoleti and I work at LAT-EFEI (Itajubá-MG, Brazil).

I need some help with a PicoTech product. Here we have a PC Osciloscope ADC-212 and we have some problems is its data resolution. We developed a software in C programming language (based on the PicoTech Software Development Kit) and we are measuring with "trigger" (we set the trigger level, timebase, delay percent and interval between 2 consecutives measurements). The results of all voltage measurements are integer values, and for our application it isn´t a enough voltage resolution. We use the PicoScope software to compare the results and the problem stand still in PicoScope Software.
Are there possibilities to increase this voltage resolution to a bigger (float values) resolution?
We also verified that the maximum measurement points number is 2500. Is there a possibility to increase that points number in ADC-212?

We are buying a new PicoTech product (a PicoScope 3205). Do these problems I wrote (points number and voltage resolution) happen in PicoScope 3205?

If its possible, may you send me a complete documentation of ADC-212 and PicoScope 3205?


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Re: ADC-212 - data resolution

Post by PeterF » Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:42 pm

I don't recognise the problem you are having. The ADC-212 is a 12 bit scope so has 4096 discrete levels of voltage resolution on any selected voltage range. The 3205 is an 8 bit scope, so it will only have 256 discrete steps as a maximum. PicoScope6 can process the signal, when in the presence of gaussian noise, to provide some "Resolution Enhancement" on either scope:- ... ement.html
All the documentation that can be sent in contained in the relevant manuals and SDK available already on our website.

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