Settings for PT104 using PicoLog 5.20.9 and Vista 32bits

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Settings for PT104 using PicoLog 5.20.9 and Vista 32bits

Post by piccolo » Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:38 am

I am using Picolog version 5.20.9 for a PT104 PT100 Data Logger on a PC with Vista 32 bits. Some problems arise that are not depending on the Picolog version.
1- In the spreadsheet window the View Options (the check mark button) is inoperative. The blue ring keeps rotating for about one minute with no result.
2- In order to bypass the inoperative View Options of the spreadsheet one may set the desired new parameter in a .plw file.
That works in an apparent erratic way. Note that editing a .plw file with Notepad leads to a "Invalid File Format" while editing with Wordpad may lead to a really corrupted file, but that one may be readable by Picolog. Note also that the data seem to be still there. A coding problem?
3- I do not understand the plw.ini file found in C:\useraccount\AppData\Local\.42f31349.....\
Its content is quite different from what is stated in the manual. It shows indeed :
and nothing else.
4- What is the real use of the RECORDER.plw file ?
5- When saving a file after a recording, the .plw file may show the address of a former file which seems to have no relationship with the actual one.
6- Would it be possible to view all the previous (or default) settings alltogether in a single window and permanently? That would allow to check at a glance the actual state before continuing, thus saving time.
7- Is there any chance to get drivers for PT104 under linux in the near future? I developped for another product some applications with GUI using Tcl/Tk . What should I need to build a complete GUI ? I would be happy to make it available to anyone when it is made.

Pico Stuart
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Re: Settings for PT104 using PicoLog 5.20.9 and Vista 32bits

Post by Pico Stuart » Wed May 12, 2010 11:07 am

Dear Sir,

Thankyou for your inquiry with regard with regard to PicoLog. Apologies you have encountered some difficulty. Please could you send over the file to

Please could you proceed to the following link and download the following version of PicoLog.

Please could you try the above version. In addition to this please could you me the .plwc file to

PicoLog uses recorder.pls to hold information about the current recording session. A separate file, player.pls, holds information about the current player session.

The .plw file has a fixed-length header, followed by a data record for each sample. It is terminated by a copy of the .pls file that was used to record it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further assistance.

Kindest regards,

Technical Specialist

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