Picolog Recorder setting to measure stuff?

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Picolog Recorder setting to measure stuff?

Post by Ray » Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:36 am

Hi technician online I would like to ask how am I able to measure current and temperature reading from this program picolog recorder using picolog data logger 1012. Thank you and a Happy New Year.

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Re: Picolog Recorder setting to measure stuff?

Post by PeterF » Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:12 pm

Yes, you can measure current. There are two ways:-
1. Allow the current you wish to measure to flow through a suitable resistor and then measure the voltage dropped across the resistor. The resistor must be in circuit such that one end of it is at ground (0V) potential. That end must be connected to the Ground input of the PicoLog and the other end of the resistor connected to which ever input channel you wish to use. The resistor value and wattage must be chosen with care. Too low a value of resistance will not generate enough voltage to be able to measure accurately. To high will generate too much, overload the PicoLog and over-heat the resistor. The PicoLog program can convert the measured voltage into the correct current using the "Scaling" option.
2. You can use an external current clamp to convert the current into a voltage that can be measured by the PicoLog. This voltage can again be converted into a current reading by the software.
For temperature readings, you need to use a thermistor and a fixed resistor to form a potential divider. The PicoLog can provide a +2.5volt supply and read back in the voltage at the junction of the thermistor and resistor. The scaling option can then convert this to a temperature.
Please contact me on Help-desk if you have any other questions:-

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