Translating C language code into VB 6.0

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Translating C language code into VB 6.0

Post by Seyi » Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:50 pm

1) please kindly give me the vb 6.0 version of this declarations
2) what is the role of the singnature of this picofull in programming. those it affecthe entry access to the DLL

short __stdcall UsbAdc11OpenUnit (void);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11CloseUnit (short handle);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11GetUnitInfo (short handle, char * string, short stringLength, short info);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11SetDo (short handle, short do_value, short doNo);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11Ready (short handle);

short __stdcall usbAdc11Stop (short handle);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11MaxValue (short handle, short *maxValue);

long __stdcall UsbAdc11SetInterval (short handle, long us_for_block,long ideal_no_of_samples,short * channels, short no_of_channels);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11SetTrigger (short handle, short enabled, short auto_trigger, short auto_ms, short channel, short dir, short threshold, short delay);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11GetValue (short handle, short channel, short *value);

long __stdcall UsbAdc11GetValues (short handle, short * values, long no_of_values);

long __stdcall UsbAdc11GetTimesAndValues (short handle, long *times, short *values, long no_of_values);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11OpenUnitAsync(void);

short __stdcall UsbAdc11OpenUnitProgress (short * handle, short * progress);

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