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hold waveform in labview

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hold waveform in labview

Postby manoij » Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:45 am

i am using picoscope 2203 model for my application. currently i am capturing the waveform and measuring the characteristics of waveform. i am using the waveform graph in the controls pallete for seeing the waveform. my need is that i am four screens in my program. for the 1st 2 screens the waveform will be coming from ch A and B. after capturing i will switch on to other 2 screens with same ch Aand B but signals coming will be different. my question is that " i want to hold signal sent to 1st 2 screens because after switching to other 2 graph the waveform in the 1st 2 screens disappears". or atleast i want see the last waveform appeared in the waveform graph.

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