EnviroMon virtual channels ?

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EnviroMon virtual channels ?

Post by henkda »

Hi, being a new user of EnviroMon I have the following question:
I am using EL040 and EL005 to monitor power usage in a 3-phase system.
In my opinion it would be usefull if one could add extra "virtual" channels on which you can do mathematical calculations with the measurements of the "real" channels. For instance Power usage per phase in kW's in stead of Amps and a "Total Power usage" in kW's.
Is there any way to do this with the current soft (or in the near future?) If not is there another solution?
Regards, Henk

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Post by ziko »

Hi and thank you for your post.

We do not provide any functionality in Enviromon to do maths on more than one channel. Also if you were to multiply simply voltage by current, it will not give you a true indicator of your power, as phase angles / power factor have not been taken into account. If however you wanted to get a rough idea of your power and were assuming that you were close to a power factor of 1 then you can always save the data as a csv or text file and do the analysis there. Please download the software from the link below, it contains a programme I wrote in C# to make this easier (you will microsoft .net 2 framework installed on your computer if you have not got it already)


Kind regards

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