Which scope should I get?

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Which scope should I get?

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I need a set up to capture up to 6 channels.

One event should take at most 0.3s.

I would like to be able to record 31 events if possible. (possibly trigered by channel going high)

The area of interest is ~5 ms but I would like to have an option to record 31 "whole events".

"Whole events" are between 60ms to 240ms.

When using the a cursor I want to be able to measure 1us.

My sensors should be 0-5V or 0-10V and I would like to be able to measure 1mV change.

8 bit may be good enough but I think I want 12 bit?

Can I pig tail several scopes together to see let say 6 traces on the same graph using three 2 channel scopes (1 PC and multiple scopes to expand number of channels)?

The events should be almost identical but I'd like to use it to see minute to drastic changes between events/shots

I may want to run a program that would have up to 6 different events focused on <6 ms window. Trigger would go high at the beginning of each event and 31 shots would be recorded.

Does your software have trace overlay ability? (ability to import multiple recorded events from file and comparing on one display)

I think that my min req's are:
Bandwidth - 1.75 MHz min
Sample rate - 1.75 MHz min
Memory depth - ?
Resolution & Accuracy - 12 bit?

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Hi we do not have any product that can achieve this. However it is possible with two device and writing your own software.

At that sample rate and the number of channels you are using the only way I can think it can be done, is by using 2 4 channel oscilloscopes and using one channel as a trigger for each device. The trigger would be common so every time the event happens it can trigger the device. You may have to write your own software to achieve this but it is also possible with PicoScope 6 and having two instances running.

The only concern I have is what the delay is between events?

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delay...what happens is: ~400 usec after triger an event takes place that may last as loong as 4000 usec but may be as short as 1500 usec. Depending on the drive speed the time between end of event and new event would be anywhere from ~600 usec to ~3100usec.

So...are my preliminary requirement calculations in the ball park (end of the first post)



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