4424 or 4423, what is the difference?

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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4424 or 4423, what is the difference?

Post by CoyoteDavid »

I currently use your 2105 and 3424 products. I have a need for a new version that I think the 4424 or 4423 will work well for. I am considering one of the automotive kits, as I can use several of the items included. The scope would be used for general electronics probably a bit more than for automotive applications, maybe 64/40% or so. My question is, if I get an automotive kit, or the 4423, will it do everything I can do with the 4424? What are the differences/tradeoffs? The specifications appear to be identical, although a few specs for the 4424 are not listed for the 4423. If I get the 4423, can I use PicoScope 6 and all its features that I am used to?


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Post by ziko »

Hi the hardware is the same, the only difference really is that the 4423 has software is targeted towards the automotive industry. So you can use the Automotive scopes if you wish.

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PicoScope Automotive

Post by Autonerdz »

Hi David,

I was going to PM this to you but that part of the forums seems to be broken. :(

Just wanted to invite you to contact us with any PicoScope automotive questions you might have. We are the authority here in North America. We are also not far fom you, in global terms, on the West coast in Washington State.

We can explain to you our custom added value kits and why Autonerdz has happy automotive customers on six continents.

Call us toll free at 877-628-4899. You'll really be glad you did :)

Tom Roberts
(The Picotologist)
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THE PicoScope Automotive Authority
In North America

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