ADC-20 not recognised by Pico

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ADC-20 not recognised by Pico

Post by bickerstaffe »

I have an ADC-20 connected via USB. It was working properly yesterday, but this morning I couldn't get it working.

Windows recognises the device - it appears as 'Pico High Resolution Data Logger' under Device Manager.

However Pico can't find it, and requests that I unplug and replug it.

I've tried it on two different computers (both WinXP), with both 5.20.6 and

It was bought mid last year from RS, and is serial number QJY39/43.

Jeremy Bickerstaffe

Pico Stuart
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Post by Pico Stuart »

Hi Jeremy,

Sorry you are having issues with connecting your ADC-20. In order to help me resove this issue please could you try the following:-

1) Open up PicoLog then select file/new settings/recording/sampling rate/ in converter details ensure you have selected ADC20/24 this should enable the ADC 20.

Kindest regards


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