EL-005 & 3G/NextG modem

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EL-005 & 3G/NextG modem

Post by tonigau »

We have a requirement to log temperature in a remote area of north QLD Australia, the only affordable comms medium is 3G/NextG phone network. (no GSM)

WE intend to use a Maxon Unimax 3G router (Modem) & the Maxwan service (VPN WAN) http://www.maxon.com.au

I have tried to find a technical datasheet on the EL-005 but no success.

Q. What interface does the EL-005 have to connect to the Maxon modem/router RJ45 Ethernet port. ?

Q. Do I need a Serial IP server to connect the EL-005 to the IP router. ?


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Post by ziko »

Hi the enviromon works on GSM modems. I seriously doubt that a 3G modem will work as I assume the protocols of communication are different.

The enviromon EL005 logger uses a serial port for communication. You can however communicate via TCP/IP if you had two computers (or more) with one server and one client.

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