XY Scope application

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XY Scope application

Post by Guest » Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:13 pm

I have a need for a scope that can plot XY data and that can enable or disable the XY plotting based on the state of the third input.

The scope will actually be used as a display by a simple OpenGL application that is generating X and Y data (voltage) to draw wire frame images. From time to time during the drawing process, we would like to use a 3rd voltage input to disable the trace while the X and Y are being repositioned to start another image. (Above a certain voltage threshold, plot XY data, below the threshold, do not plot the XY data) This ability would prevent the 2 images from being connected visually by a trace line.

Does your XY scope capabilities allow for such an application? If so what products would you recommend.

Thank You

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Post by ziko » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:40 am

Hi if you were to use our software then the answer is no! Whilst you can view your data in XY mode in our software you cannot control it to go on and off based on an input voltage.

If you were however to write your own software then this may be achievable, you may need a 4 channel oscilloscope and use the third channel as your source

http://www.picotech.com/picoscope4000-s ... tions.html

or use a 2 channel scope that has an external trigger source.


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Post by ronnzz » Mon May 11, 2009 4:45 pm

thanks for the scope details info,now i know

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