Fast and high accuracy compact scope

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Fast and high accuracy compact scope

Post by Guest » Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:47 pm


I have to measure SIMULTANEOUSLY the following signals:
1) Two analog channels:
+/- 4 V
Need sampling rates between 0.1 MS/s and 5MS/s.
Need at least a resolution of 14 bits (measured ENOB) at 1MS/s.
2) A TTL signal at the same sampling rate (I accept to digitize it with a third analog channel if necessary).

- Triggering is either on the TTL signal or one of the analog signals.

- Need about 1s of data at 10 MS/s and about 10s at 1MS/s, i.e. a ~3 x 10MS memory.

- Need to transfer this memory (30 MWords ~ 60MB) to the PC in less than 10 s.

Have you got a product (even a beta version) that meets these requirements ? On the paper, all these requirements should be met by the series 4000: I find on your website:
"Up to 80 MS/s real-time sample rate
Up to 20 MHz bandwidth
32 M sample buffer memory
Up to 4 channels"
Even if I interpret your 80MS/s and 32 MS memory as 20MS/s and 8 MS per channel, I should be able to reach 8MS x 3 channels at 1MS/s with a 14 bit accuracy (16 to 20 samples to average per output sample) if you don't store the oversampled points in the memory. If you do store the oversampled points, I should reach about 20MS at 20MS/s, i.e. about 1 second of data (which can then be interpreted as 1 MS @ 1MS/s and 14 bits)
When I try to get this with your program picoscope 6 in demo mode, I am far from reaching this specs, even with a virtual 4224 and a single channel active: The maximum number of points I can get in 1s is 625k on a single channel (same for 12 or 14 bits) or 2 x 312k on 2 channels. It seems there are limitations which are not documented neither in the specifications nor in the user guide...

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Post by ziko » Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:52 pm

Hi I tried the following on the 4424,

100m/division time base

4 channels active
14 bit resolution enhancement
I get 2MS/s

Hope this helps. We have no other products with that resolution that can achieved anything greater.

Kind regards

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